Rhythm Games

  • Moon Fairy
  • 1MioRun
  • Learn to Fly Idle
  • Fluffy Pony
  • Jingle Hero Christmas
  • Electroyez
  • Pepee Color Memory
  • Dance panda(Album 1)
  • Piano Hero
  • Headbanging Hero: Metal
  • Beat Universe
  • Pooper Trooper
  • Five Birds
  • Beautiful Flowers – Find The Numbers
  • Tone Defense
  • Reflex Runner
  • SCGMD4
  • Gangnam Style Dance
  • ASD Piano Maestro Compositor
  • Punch Buggy
  • ASD Piano Master Composer
  • Ünlüler Gangnam Style
  • Red Fountain Swordsman
  • Syntphone
  • Color Belt
  • Rhythem Up
  • Anarchy Rat
  • Funny Eyebrow Dance
  • Sound Catch
  • Piano Rush ~Orient and Occident First Impression~
  • Beat Chaser
  • Epic Stack
  • Oppa Russian Style
  • Click Dance
  • Beat Chaser 2
  • Music Memory
  • The Horse Theif
  • Mini Stopwatch
  • The Day To Become Uncle Weird
  • Jungle Percussion
  • Dancing Fun 3
  • Funny rodents puzzle
  • lonely man
  • eye girl
  • Speed Cosmos

Music has the ability to create sensations in us that nothing else can match. If you are particularly a sound oriented person, rhythm games should be well in-tune with you (pun intended). Have a keen ear as you get started, utilize the sounds to help you progress through the levels. In fact, music is not just in the background with rhythm games, you will have to put it to use in order to beat the game. You might have to power down your speakers blasting away your playlist in the background to focus on the sounds in-game.